Expected release date 2008
 Number of episodes 40
 Length in minute 22m
 Production Company Sunwoo Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
 Distributor Sunwoo Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
 Format 2D & 3D Digital Animation
 Type TV series
 Genre Aero action adventure
 Age Group 5~12 years
METAJETS is an action packed series about aeronautical adventure. Think of it as NASCAR in the clouds.
But the adventures don¡¯t just take place in the sky. They¡¯re on the ground as well.

Each episode begins with a slice of ¡°ordinary life¡±. Only in this case there is nothing ordinary about our heroes¡¯ day-to-day routines. Remember, they are world famous ARC pilots. So we may find them qualifying for a race, giving an interview or even shooting a commercial for a popular breakfast cereal. Whatever it is, it will have to be put on hold as a GASP mission will suddenly force the METAJETS team into duty.

Once called into action, the METAJETS team goes undercover, working under their CODE NAMES as they set out to complete the mission.

The clock is always ticking, which means our guys must scramble to complete the mission and make it back to the race in time for the start. Of course, defending the world from Black Cloud is their first priority, so sometimes they will have to forfeit the race or join in at the last second. Other times an unsanctioned race might take place on the fly.
No matter how a competition lines up, you can be certain everyone wants to win.